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err i do not want to burst your bubble, but i think that the fact that they are in tosec doesn't mean anything, tosec just catalogue the stuff and planetemu chose to share it under the agreement that you are due to download only if you have in possession the original and/or you delete the download in 24 hours. that said, 1) each platform has its own different set of released stuff, so if a game is free on amiga because amiga may be dead, on pc it may be still sold, maybe in form of budget. 2) you are requestin for ultima 7, on planetemu you find only the games til 6 as it was the last produced also for amiga, so you are speaking of a different game at all and the exemple you do don't mean anything.
someone else could be more precise and or correct me.

this just for be peeky, anyway you guys do what you want.
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