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There is a UAE patch which adds MMU support, and is apparently good enough to run Linux, so may well be enough for AMIX.

It's against UAE 0.8.20 and linked to from the main UAE web page, the link is

I guess the first step would be to try to get the patch working with a build of WinUAE. If you can compile WinUAE then adding the patch shouldn't be too hard. That could be tested with the Linux filesystem at the same web page as above. (It won't work with JIT, of course.)

Having done that, the next problem would likely be the tape image: you'd have to try to add support for the tape drive to the emulator. Since I don't know much about the tape drives CBM used, that bit might be harder

One day I'd love to look into getting this going. It's just a question of spare time, of which I have little!
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