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Question old siamese setup +games!(long post)

Hi all...
First posting, please be gentle? I have in my loft an old siamese system, that I had built approx 6-7 years ago, it was playing up quite a bit in the end and I decided to "store it" rather than bin it. Forgive me as I can not remember the full spec, until I dust it off and take a real good look, all I can remember is that it was a 200mmx pc side, + an amiga 1200, 3 internal hd's (one amiga, one pc, and a sharedrive also) with scsi adapter(s) switcher card etc, and i think the monitor had to be fitted with a multi sync device. It has possibly got a cd rom in it but I think I upgraded to a writer, there are also a couple of extra floppy drives, Anyway its time I stopped hoarding and would like to see if there are any people that are genuinely interested in it, I am not after loads of dosh I really would like to know if someone could make use of it and perhaps get it running who does not live too far from me and would like to try it?
I do have loads of software that came with the "build", It did cost me a fortune to build as the guy that built it would hardly copy anything!
I also have so many games! far too many to ever list, I think there are possibly over 1,000 blue discs in the drawers up in the attic + some zipped and dms'd files on some cds somewhere...... 100's of those files aswell

Its a real shame to let them just deterioate up there..please post replies.... thanx for reading

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