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> You got that one ? Or only the box-scan ??

I can upload it, if there's demand for it. But I have to transfer it
first, so if Twisting has it ready for upload, he'd be way faster.

But I don't have the manuals anymore - check if you can find them at
aeh.. shit, what was the name/url of that project conserving C64 manuals
as ASCII texts ?

Without the manuals, it won't be very useful. You need to learn a (very
basic) internal language to create games..

> What I´ve read from it, you are able to create a game and save it to
> a standalone disk, without using the Game Maker for playing afterwards

Correct. But it's rather limited IIRC, e.g. no scrolling.

> (weren´t S.E.U.C.K games also standalones ??) ... Gotta try that one
> for sure

Hehe, S.E.U.C.K. rules
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