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Time for a virus hunt?

Ok I've just downloaded and tried to test out the games Cody were so nice as to upload on my A1200. Problem is that none of them worked. Well first I tried Yogi's great escape. On the 3.1(I think that's it) ROM it would just load and then stop. I tried kicking up with TUDE using a kickstart from a relokick disk. That just brought up a Guru. I tried moving a copy of the 1.3 kickstart I use on emulators over too to see if that helped. It didn't. Still gurus.

I shrugged and tried to run the greed monster. That one has some sort of boot option. It showed up with a blue background, no viruses found. I left clicked and it gurued on me. The same when I tried kicking the Amiga into 1.3 mode. I thought of trying the relokick rom again since it's smaller and thus faster to load, so I replaced the file on the hd with the one from relokick again and tried booting up. This time something different happened though. The background turned red and it reported that it had found a virus. This was strange. I tried booting from the relokick disk instead (after having had the system powered down for a while) still a virus had been found. Luckily I had an alternate relokick disk which I had used once and only once. It did the exact same thing. Something's bad wrong here.

Now I would like to know. Could it be because of the smaller kick.rom that the intro seemingly locates a virus when it goes clear through with the other rom? Could it be something in my system which just gets overwritten with the new large rom but which is still there because the smaller rom does not take up the same amount of space? Is there a way I can find out?
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