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Blizzard 1230/IV 50Mhz + 16Mb is excellent for games and general utilities (no MP3 or
PDF reader). Having a multisync Monitor (I own an Amiga 14" M1438S) and a 56kbit serial modem you could download files from internet at about 5K but it's not advisable
for surfing since it is slow in showing new and old page full of images.
My brother have Blizzard Mk IV 50Mhz + 32MB FAST without FPU. Listening MP3 is possible! You must have only to set properetly preferences (medium quality, mono or stereo, kbps of MP3. He is using Delitracker with mpega plugin and mpega.library. You don't need have AHI, but Delitracker support it

On 68030/50 You can play in many games (Whdload, ADOS, and newer like Gloom, Doom, NemacIV, Breathless, AlienBreed3D, Genetics Species, Foundation, Napalm and much more...)

I have A1200, few months.

On my 020/14mhz and 8MB FAST i can play some of these games in medium or small window, 1x1 pixel

I advice to replace 120MB Harddisk to bigger one (My is 4GB 2,5"). Workbench and some programs takes 50MB, games 120MB, Archives 170Mb. And it is still growning
Only with floppies :/

Buy also SVGA monitor, and C= adapter for it. Take advantages of non-interlaced WB screen in 640x480 and also in some games.
Tou can connect TV through Composite, When i am playing game on TV my SVGA monitor is black, when i exit game i see my beautiful WB on SVGA monitor

I don't know how about PDF.

I think that better way to download files from internet is to buy PCMCIA card to A1200 and connect it to router or PC

P.S: Install Fblit, and SystemPatch2, these programs are very good speed enchancers Of course you must have some FAST mem.
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