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PC Competition Pro for GamePort !

Hey all !

I tought that the new USB version of the Competition Pro is the first one for the PC's... but it seems I was wrong. I just got a GamePort version on a fleamarket !!! It is very nice - Blue transparent glass (a bit more quality than normal CP transparent cases) with Yellow buttons ! It has 2 standard buttons (corresponding to Fire 1 / Fire 2 on the PC) and 2 additional as in CP Turbo or CP USB, but they have a different function - Autofire for Button 1 and 2 ! There is also a permanent autofire option with a yellow switch on the back which has 3 positions - Autofire 1 , Off , Autofire 2

Inside there is a little circuit that is visible just under the top glass and it has "PC-Stick" written on it. Works like a charm on my XP and Win98 Gameports.

If I knew this existed all those years back I would of bought it 100%

Oh and the feeling is BETTER than the USB stick since ALL the buttons/mechanics are the same as with normal Competition Pro Turbo ! (i.e. it has a spring on the stick - no rubber and the main buttons have a much better feel to it than the USB variant).

If you want I can take some pictures this weekend...

Best regards,
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