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Exotic Ripper 3.3

The new version of the best ripper on amiga is available now, 10 years after the last version

Changes from Version 3.2 to 3.3 (GUI) / 2.31 to 2.32 (CONsole)

- shareware protection removed, no keyfile necessary anymore for full function
- separate buffered source and destination directories
- smp-command scans now in the memory-area designated by the a-command
- bugs causing system crashs or freezes removed,
origins wher in the detection-routines for Hippel-7V,PUMA,UNIC,MMD2,MMD-3
- correct modulenames for MED
- routine updated for MED 8-Voices (MMD0,MED)
- 9 new detectable formats added:

48 THX "Abyss Highest Experience"
49 MLE "Music Line Editor"
4a AC1D "AC1D-Packer"
4b LP "Laxity(Powermusic/PT)"
4c GLUE "GLUE-Mon"
4d XM "Fasttracker"
4e TINY "Tiny Willy"
4f SPM "Stonepacker/-tracker"
50 AMC "A.M.Composer"

Have fun!

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