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PFF, Screenshots. They mean shite to gameplay, so they don't surprise me at all. How can you tell how much fun a game can be just by looking at a screenshot? Either you have superpowers, or you don't give one bit about gameplay Also, machine specs don't mean crap to me. Who cares what the thing has inside as long as the games it delivers are fun? I judge every machine by its games, and each game it's based mainly on its gameplay, so it doesn't matter, to me, which machine got "DA KILLAH SPECZ" or "DA BEST GFX, FOO", I just play the one with the gams which are most fun. Even if they look like arse

I rather go and play Keystone Capers on my Atari 2600.

Good luck with that GBA purchase Gibby, I think you won't regret it The 4 player link is indeed possiblem, but the "one cart 4 players" linkup is available in some games, and it's a bit limited. Since, in essence, what the server machine does is uploading the other GBA's with the game in memory, space limitations apply. To mention one example: If you try to play "1 cart 4 ply" with F-Zero, each player won't be able to choose a car of its choice, everyone will use the same. A small gripe, anyway, since 4 player F-Zero must be really FUN! I thought this should be mentioned anyway, so you don't make yourself some false expectations
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