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Originally Posted by keropi
From my experience, the BEST system for classic amiga games would be:
1. register WHDLOAD
2. get OS 3.9
3. get a PowerFlyer
4. get a phase5 1260/50 and 16+ MB of RAM
5. get an internal scandoubler/flicker fixer
6. get a tower
7. get a zorroII busboard
8. get a zorroII gfx board, with an autoswitch , like the picassoII/II+ or the great Piccolo SD64

sure, it will cost some money/effort, but this way the classic amiga experience will be awesome!
hmm...sounds like your old config
Totally agree except for that OS3.9 steals too much chip ram so some newer AGa games won't work like T-zero for example which needs 1.9mb chip ram which is sick!
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