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I think the problem for schools was:-
a) that they always had a limited budget
b) that the person spending it was not a computer person
c) that more often than not the kids had more advanced machines at home.

I started with a Dragon 32. I then moved up to a BBC Model B and the "joys" of BBC Basic programming. Then I upgraded to a brand new Amiga 500 Plus with extra memory, the graphics of which put the BBC Model B to shame. I also got a 1.3 emulator which allowed me to play the games that the Plus couldn't play. I upgraded again to a Pentium 90mhz PC and used the WinUAE emulator.

Currently, I have a 3Ghz PC on which I am still using the WinUAE emulator, so I have the benefits of both machines and get the opportunity of playing the best games. Oh the joys!!
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