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Yep C= didn't have an in-house team in 1993/94, but I'm sure that they commissioned Bill Williams to produce MindWalker for bundling with A1000s back in 1985/86 and published the game themselves. They perhaps could have done the same for the CD32 or offered some financial incentives to, say, Psygnosis developers and co-published titles with them if they were too cash-strapped to commission and publish anything outright.

Originally Posted by utri007
CD32 didn't actually failed it sold quite well.

Launched in Europe during 1993 it quickly grabbed a large portion of the prototypical CD market, even beating PC CD-ROM. It's US success was also cut short when the U.S. government declared that Commodore could not bring anything into the country, as they had not paid the $10 million they owed for the XOR patent infringement lawsuit. The last ditch attempt to save the company failed and Commodore entered bankruptcy on April 29th 1994. The unshipped Amiga CD32 units were were seized by the Philippine government as payment for the use of their factory.
Whether the CD32 was a commercial success is debatable IMHO. It sold quite well in Europe....that much is true, but not well enough to save C= from bankruptcy (which was the goal they had in mind). However, penetration of the US market more than any other market, even back then, was probably the yardstick of commercial success for consoles. The CD32 didn't achieve it and I doubt that C= would have been able to achieve it in any case, irrespective of their bankruptcy. C= hadn't been able to achieve anywhere near the same sort of market penetration of the C64 in the US with any Amiga product up until that point, so I can't see that anything would have changed with the CD32 had the US govt. allowed their shipment in.

Although these events killed the CD32 as a viable platform it remained popular for several years, demonstrating a demand for Amiga CD titles. In 1994 a third party developer launched the SX-1 and SX32, allowing owners to turn their rejected console into a fully fledged Amiga
Popular for several years, demonstrating a demand for Amiga CD titles?? How so? Developers produced so little in the way of titles for the CD32 after mid-1995 that the last of the 2-3 magazines dedicated to the console had disappeared by early 1996. The quality of CD32 Gamer issues took a real dive around mid-1995 simply because they didn't have anything to review. The page count almost halved while the price almost doubled.
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