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Biplanes update?

Hi, I'm new to this board and though I lack the time to spend much time on my Amiga I still love using it .

Anyway, I've seen lots of mentions of Bip / Biplanes. I myself loved the game too. In 1998 (I think it was) I was annoyed it didn't work on my Amiga 4000 so I fixed some problems it had and added keys to pauze or quit the game. I then showed it to Chris, who I knew from IRC and who was creator/editor of a sort of diskmagazine called AIO. He reviewed the (fixed version of the) game in AIO issue 23 (apr 1999). The link in the article still works:

Since then I've worked on it some more times. Some things I had planned were allready working, others weren't finished yet:
  • (done) replaced the silly options you had to choose with the joystick with a normal menu. that way you could also change options without restarting the game.
  • (done) removed the fake/real stereo (real stereo was also kinda fake)
  • (done) option to change the amount of clouds from 0 to 5 (original had 3)
  • (done) placed all graphics and sounds in seperate files (included when assembling so the game still runs from one file)
  • (was looking into how to do) choose controller per player (joy1/2, keyboard, AI)

It was almost done somewhere in the first quarter of 2004. But I got quite busy with school, work and other hobbies, and didn't knew if there was interest in it. So I never finished this new version. If there's still interest in an updated version of the original I might try get to finish it. (or am I mad trying to update on old game instead of doing a remake?)
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