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Here's a little somethin' somethin'

Here's something I found at, it appears as though everything has been down graded on the Game Cube, things don't look good
Gekko: 405 MHz
Gekko's front-side-bus: 1.6 GB/s
Flipper: 202.5 MHz
Embedded RAM's latency: 5 ns
Embedded RAM's bandwidth: 12.8 GB/s
Main RAM's bandwidth: 3.2 GB/s
Sound processor: 101.25 MHz
A-RAM (A = auxiliary): 16MB of DRAM (at 100MHz)
System's max floating point performance: 13 GFLOPS
Disc Drive data transfer rate: 16 Mbits/s - 25 Mbits/s (or 2 MB/s - 3.1 MB/s)

Gekko: 485 MHz
Gekko's front-side-bus: 1.3 GB/s (due to Flipper's reduced clock)
Flipper: 162 MHz
Embedded RAM's latency: 6.2 ns (due to reduced clock)
Embedded RAM's bandwidth: 10.4 GB/s (due to reduced clock)
Main RAM's bandwidth: 2.6 GB/s (due to reduced clock)
Sound processor: 81 MHz
A-RAM: 16MB of DRAM (at 81MHz)
System's max floating point performance: 10.5 GFLOPS
Disc Drive data transfer rate: 5 Mbits/s - 16 Mbits/s (or .6MB/s - 2MB/s)

As you can see, everything was downgraded, except the Gekko's clockrate. But the memory bandwidth, and Flippers speed has taken a dramatic hit. Even the sound processor is clocked lower.

Not really relavant I know, but it proves the point that the big N "might" be making sure that they don't lose big time like Sega have with the Dreamcast, I think you can get a brand new Dreamcast for about £100 in the UK, a hefty lose for Sega.

Michael "TYP" says: HM.... The combination must either give equal performance at a lower cost, or higher performance at the same cost. Nintendo wouldn't dare DOWNGRADE the power.
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