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There was always something about the intro to space crusade that just got me right up for the game. you know..

the screen fading in to see the space marines in position, then the marine sergeant roaring defiance agasint his enemies and going full auto with his boltgun, with his brothers behind him following suit. i used to rest the game so I could see it over and over . There was very little animation, but the sound and image it protrayed still gets me a littel excited and fired up, LOL!

Shadow of the beast 2, weas stunning when I remember it. The digitized samples of the lightning, the baby crying. This was the first game I ever tried on teh amiga. I was gobsmacked.

The intros to any bitmap brothers games, the music was stunning. Gods and magic pockets for example.

The Cannon Fodder and SWOS theme song.


Dune 2

And how can I forget the first time I saw an FMV based intro. Alien Breed tower Assault. the pre-rendered animation, the FMV itself *smacks face with excitement*. Shame that when you watch it now you can't help but fall over laughing at the piss poor acting.


too many to list really
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