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Originally Posted by Rich M
I have just bought an A1200 with 1,4GB Hard Disk That's already customised to my specs which includes loads of PD games, apps and drivers.

I want to take precautional measures that is to clone the hard disk so that in case of any hardware defect i can pretty much immediately put in the second hdd having the same contents as the original.

how do I go about doing this cloning process? does it work using PC style cloning or any steps necessary be done for amiga hdd format?


Well, I would choose these two methods:

Put the hd in your PC and use Winuae and copy the contents to your PC so you can copy the stuff back to another hd and use in your amiga

This depends on what kind of amiga you have and if you can connect two hd's to it if that's the case you can just copy everything on the workbench partition to a partition on the other hd and then make that partition bootable
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