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Re: Re: Pinball Dreams for Atari Falcon 030

Originally posted by Ian
Sorry Marz, your out of luck, no Falcon emulator is even planned let alone ready to use AFAIK
Dang. :thumbs_do It can't be that hard to emulate though? If it can do Pinball Dreams in full colour and all that, its hardware must be similar to Amiga or at least a slightly more powerful version of the ST, perhaps?

Originally posted by Ian
Anyway it woun't be any better than the CD32/A1200 version anyway
There was a CD32/A1200 version of Dreams? Unless you're getting confused with Fantasies, buddy...

Originally posted by Ian
I did see a Falcon for sale on Ebay a while back ............. For $500 and that was at the start of the auction:eek
It must be a very rare beast of a machine then, if someone thought they could sell a machine like that for that much cash.

Originally posted by Ian
Moved to General discussion, nothing really to do with the Amiga Scene Marz
Okay, I thought it would fit in Amiga Scene because it was about an Amiga game. But the rule appears to be, if the post is about game conversions, then it fits in General Discussion, I guess.
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