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Originally Posted by gary
I think too much freedom caused some game composers to become lazy. Programmers too - look at all the bloated software available today.
I think it's mostly a cost issue combined with the timing.
CD32 showleware didnít get any extra money, so they dumped whatever they had quickly. When the mod with beefed up samplerate rate and good stereo mixing would have been better musically, midi was the practical answer.
A lot of the musicians those days probably didnít have the equipment to deal with ďCD qualityĒ sampling rates unless they had a mac. While a A3000/4000 probably was great for game programming and mods, itís definitely crap for CD mastering.

For the good/bad musicians
The chip limitation gave that special "synth" feeling and a lot of the music sounded the same due to memory limitation.. For good or bad we got used to it and music you get used to you often like, or at least tolerate. Itís like when you discover those great B tracks from your favourite artist after listening to the album 20+ times.

Modern game music much better (or worse, intrusive for the opposite reason) Nowdays you have some really great composers like Jeremy Soule, Baldurs gate, planscape torment. If you love subtile orchestration pieces and it fits to the game itís incredible...
However the NFS tracks just makes most above 20+ nauseated.. chewingumskatepunk overcompressed as hell. EA really hits rockbottom.

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