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Commodore was pretty much on its knees financially when they released the CD32 (the CD32 was their last hope!). The lack of money meant that they couldn't give the CD32 the release it deserved. That is:

- lavish worldwide marketing

- commissioning "killer" games exclusive to CD32 and having them ready at release (there were only about 6 games ready at release and 2 of them were the ones bundled with the console)

- generous support for 3rd party developers

- delayed U.S. release (3DO and Atari Jaguar were already available in the 2nd half of 1993 when the CD32 was released in Europe; the U.S. had to wait until the 1st half of 1994 for the release of CD32 and by then Commodore knew they were well and truly screwed because European sales weren't going to be enough to save them from bankruptcy)

- delayed release of FMV module (should have been ready closer to release, but probably more important for markets where they were competing with 3DO)

Also, there may have been a shortage of CD32s available for sale in the UK leading up to Christmas in 1993, which wouldn't have helped C='s cause if that was the case (my memory's fuzzy on this one!).

Anyway, it would probably have all been academic if C= had of been able to give the CD32 a more deserving release (and didn't go bankrupt). Sony would have cleaned them up with the PSX.

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