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Help getting these two demos to run

Hi all,

I've got a couple of EOC 1999 Amiga demos here but can't get them to run.

I've been pulling my hair out as these are demos I fondly remember from over 12/13 years ago and I'm desperate to see them again!

I'm running WinUAE 0.9.92.

Both demos output text "Released at 92 QZ Party" to the shell, load for a bit but then exit. Any help would be appreciated!

I been advised that they may need a few libraries to run so here's what I did, I made a copy of a Workbench 1.3 disk, deleted some files from it (e.g. some of the utilities and tools; calculator/more etc) so that there was space enough for the demo files.

I then tried every permutation of the following:

- Kickstart 1.2/1.3
- Differing values of Chip/Slow/Fast memory

The only glimpse of the demo I've had is when I use just 512k of Chip mem, a message comes up "Insufficient memory, please press mouse" (and the font that message comes up in is a font I remember from the actual demo!) So obviously it does run and unpack and initialise enough to show that message.

Arrrggh - its like I'm so close, but still so far..

Any help would be most greatly appreciated!! If you can get it to run, please let me know the config and if you have the time, an ADF file would be fantastic!

Thanks in advance :-)
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