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Big grin C64 Thread !!!

Iīm reading the newspaper every morning before I went off to work. Yesterday someone posted : "I will give 64er Magazines away for free, Phone ..... "

I just didnīt believed it (64er was THE german C64 Mag !!!) so I put the number in my mobile phone and went off to work .....

I didnīt reached that guy through the hole day and I started to wonder, if I ever will be able to get those Magazines ..... but yesterday evening I finally reached him. The Mags were still there, so I decided to drive there right away Now ..... finally ...... he gave me the COMPLETE Mag Issues from 1/85 to 12/88 plus 6 special Editions and ALL FOR FREE !!

I spent the hole night with reading old C64 Mags and I wonder if the listings in there are any popular ? For example there is a PET-Emulator inside the Mag, to run PET programs on your C64 and another nice listing : Auto-Save feature (just like in Word on PeCe) in Basic

Anyone is interested in those programs ? There are a thousend other listings printed, so if anyone searches for something special, I will have a look for sure. Oh one more thing : I read in one Issue about the GAME MAKER (Activision ??? dunno ...) Is it common ? Does anyone got that program ?

Think thatīs all for the moment....... I LOVE RETRO

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