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Some of the comments about us dealers not caring is a little harsh. has a full realisation that the market we operate in is very limited and poor customer service has a large impact on our sales

To try and address some of the questions here:

AmigaKit didnt order the initial of batches of Catweasel MKIV's and consequently missed out on some of the early reported issues. We havent had any issues with the Catweasels we have been selling to date.

We have had a new batch today and will receive another batch later this week. Jens has been delaying every shipment to us because he is QC testing them- which is reassuring.

If a customer has a problem, they can come to us immediately and we will help them out as we sold the item in the first place :-)

Hope this answers some of your queries..

Contact us for any further information.

*** UPDATE ***

I emailed Jens and this is what he had to say:

>Please advise if units you stock are 100% compatible with SID chips and
>other advertised functions are implemented. Current discussion on EAB
>suggests early production faulty and require returning to manufacturer for

This is only true for a few units of the first production run. The QC
procedure has been extended with a DC-DC converter test in the second week
of february, so only about 100 units worldwide were not tested on the DC-DC
converter. Out of those 100 units, 14 units have been returned under
warranty until today. There's no cost for the user, as this is fully
covered by the 2-year warranty. All units shipped after mid-february have
been tested for proper voltage on the DC-DC converter. Don't worry - all
units are compatible with all kinds of SID chips, including the old 6581,
the newer 8580, and the extremely rare 6582. Mixing of the SID types is
also possible (there are two SID sockets!), as every SID has it's own
jumper bank for voltage and filters.


Jens Schönfeld

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