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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt
the collage at which I work thaught it would be a good idea to get a couple for mediastudies . Altrhough there the lower end version designed for nothing more then connecting your ipod and running itunes, the machines are unusable for anything else. Fire up photoshop and ya start to crawl along once its found enough memorty to load it self into. theres no way it can be called a pro box ;
Have you heard the words "upgrade memory", ever? You think 256MB is enough in your PC? It isn't enough in the Mac Mini either.

My iBook has 384MB of RAM and a GEE THREE processor at SEVEN HUNDRED MEGAHERTZ, not a GEE FOUR processor at ONE POINT TWENTY FIVE GIGAHERTZ like the mac mini. My iBook works flawlessly with Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and whatever I shiove at it. Please explain to me how can a mac mini underperform.
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