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Amiga fMSX Sceenmode Settings Trouble

Hey Yo!

I am having trouble getting fMSX to select a screenmode in the Video setting. When i select another screenmode, the screenmode chosen will not be properly selected and then goes back to the default screenmode (normally the first) when the emulator is next restarted or when i select "current screenmode".

Another problem i have with the same emulator is that the bottom of the MSX screen is cut off so i cant see any graphics or text that would be at the bottom. Maybe due to the sceenmode problem as previously stated.

I also had trouble playing Colecovision games (the graphics were scambled), but appeared to have done something (without my knowledge!!!) and i seem to be able to play Colecovision games with no trouble whatsoever. This fMSX emulator is good, but is buggy as hell!
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