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Originally Posted by Akira
How could I forget most of the A2600 titles? River Raid and a sequel to Keystone Kapers would have been great . Also Beamrider (which you could of consider an A2600 version of Juno First)
"Project 1" is a good river raid type game on amiga, well I remember it being good with really smooth scrolling. Not the river raid, but close.

I liked the Rebelstar and Shadowfire games from the spectrum, Amiga got laser squad I suppose. and the excellent shareware Act of War. BTW Did anybody ever see a full version of Act of War anywhere, it was supposed to have a level editor ?

might as well ask
has anyone got anymore suggestions for turn based strategy games like the above for amiga or any of the old consoles or computers ? I can't get enough of them.
sorry to go of topic abit.
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