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Thankyou gentlemen for allowing this topic to procede forward and it demonstrates that we can agree to disagree on things that are a matter of perspective of viewpoint , because even if Slayer has no use for a comparitive thread , there will be others with less knoledge who are looking for guidance in this area .

As an update to the earlier issue of the " NON available " automon for B-Vision raised by Keropi .

I wish to state I aquired one through EBAY [ for less than €28 with p&p] which I have in my possesion [ so I know its real & not a myth ] and will be including my observations of its usefullness once it has been tryed out over the following few weeks.

Hopefully now additional posters will consider " jumping the gun " on this item & the mediator /g-rex issues as I can only plead ignorance myself in these areas and would consider it useful to the thread if these topics could be first hand reported .
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