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ah ok,

people have read me slightly wrong too then, in light of
the specifics of the thread I guess I can understand it...

I tend to just stick up for anything Amiga related not
because it's better in comparison to modern day stuff
but because the Amiga for me has and always will do what
it was/is supposed to do...and THAT is enough!

drawing comparisons is just stupid and I'm very against
this kind of post given the theme of this forum...we
should help preserve the spirit not pound the community
with realistic undermining

In this thread we have someones personal experience that
ended up not being their worthwhile... I put it to you
that this scenario will always result when one does not
place enough research into something prior to obtaining/
purchasing and also when one has a certain specific
ideal in mind far outside what realistically one should

They state very clearly about being their opinion etc etc
another thing I do not like very much, anyone can give
a disclaimer and then proceed to demean the subject
matter... instead of cherishing it they end up despising

So Akira I love my 030/040/060 just as much as the PPC
machine, hell, I've only got one 233mhz, so I probably
love collectively the non PPC stuff

All I wanted to say in this thread was the PPC did exactly
what it was supposed to do and I've always been very happy
with it...

and I do apologise for pressing return at the end of every
line I realised I'd done it too late into the post...
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