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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt
To end, I almost took Akiras words seriously untill he called minimac a pro box. to call a ppc amiga a waste ot time and money and then call a mini mac that uses up all its resources just loading the os a pro box is laughable. sure you can play mp3s on it , and the odd low res divx, but thats as far as the machine goes, cant play games at all, and not enough resources to load any quality apps
Well, your post was great until you flipped that switch in your organism that makes your words start to come out of your rear end.

What you say here is obviously a load of bollocks and comes out of complete and sheer ignorance about the Apple platform and its OS. If I was to believe you, what the fuck am I doing with my iBook G3 (yes G3) system, running the latest revision of Panther, and using apps like Photoshop CS, Macromedia Studio MX 2004, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, etc? Some of them, sometimes, concurently?
What on Earth are you talking about?

I accept though, the mac mini is a consmer line model, not a pro model, so if I said so I stand corrected. Nevertheless what you say is absolute garbage.

@Slayer: sorry if it sounds like a personal attack, I'm just strongly disagreeing about your view. I did not mean "don't speak about PPCs", I meant more like "be honest about them" and "don't be elitist"

You mean it as if you don't like PPC, you are not passionate about the Amiga. "some other less Amiga passionate users", you say. Am I less passionate becasue I don't have a PPC? I am VERY passionate about my machine otherwise i would have sold it and not use it in my everyday work. I am as passionate about my 030 Amiga as you ar about your PPC. therefore, our disagreement.
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