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nicely said woodshed57

I forgot to add I tend to be an extremist when I convey a view, opinion or suggestion... cut to the chase so to speak so sometimes yes, I can be provocative/abrasive in the manner I come across and some things aren't as clear cut as they appear... there is gray matter occasionally, not just inside the skull

I am just Pro Amiga and most don't, won't or can't relate to what it means simply because they are born many years later or never really invested such extreme amounts of time and money into a business/hobby/lifestyle as I, hence my elitist attitude...

Call it what you want, perhaps I'm a mug and you approached things in a smarter way, conserving things etc, but regardless of the way you live you can be guaranteed there is pros and cons to every choice of how to live life but this board is supposed to be part of the 'Amiga' choice of life...

Some of us do not require negative or realistic input pertaining to hardware, software, speculation... so perhaps we need a specific hardcore fanatics forum section for as I touched on above...

woodshed57 can be our moderator I'd be great too (I do moderate at other forums...) but perhaps I'd be too precise in conducting my duties afterall I am quite the maticulous SOB in regards to responsibility...
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