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It's hardly suprising that at some point this subject would develop into splintered and at times agravated discusion because the PPC boards development was third party & poorly supported from its begining.

Your standpoint Akira is indisputeable because when a user is satisfied with tools they can trust , there is no good reason to pursue an expensive replacement that falls short in the areas they currently rely on just to have it sit there as a " curiosity ornament " and it is foolish for anyone to try to convince you otherwise.

Members who are choosing an Amiga set up specification need [as Keropi pointed out at the begining ] to have a very clear picture of not just the difficulties of PPC boards [including g-Rex permutations & mediator ] but also to know "if there is anything " they can actually do besides sounding a good idea at the time.

As yet only Keropi himself has drawn a comparison over the G-Rex route I just wonder if there are any other members who have either a more positive [ or even less] experience of these currently available solutions .

I certainly accept your points [ Akira & UnknownK ] that maybe in retrospect some of Slayers last post was provocative , but then I expect he was hoping to stimulate a response other than the GOOD vs BAD arguements that had so far been raised.

In any event this thread seems to be developing into a more balanced exchange , but I doubt it given some of the extreme comparisons made that it can remain so

Good topic choice Keropi
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