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Ive had a A1200 PPC setup since the bppc 040/160 cards came out and bvision when it came out. I certainly wouldnt go back to plain 68k, it would just be an unusable in my eyes as ppc adds a fair bit of speed through faster dataypes and os patches. in plain 68k mode about the only thing my machine would be useful for is playing whd games. Amiga is no fun anymore without ppc.

its mentioned that the thaught of playing 3d games at 20-25 fps is a real put off and this is on the slowest possible ppc setup. well if you going to be like that then 68k suxx too as the thaught of playing doom at 7-15 fps constant is shitty too. Only heretic2 gets abit too slow at times on my setup, but wipeout, quake, quake2, shogo, freespace on ppc totaly blow the equivelent 68k versions away. Payback also becomes a playable game on ppc .

ppc also brings us enough speed to do all the things most other users take for granted like playing mp3s , movies, encoding and emulating and especially improves browsing experiance.

for anyone that really just wants a retro machine to play the oldies then no money needs to be wasted at all as no upgrades are required at all.

To end, I almost took Akiras words seriously untill he called minimac a pro box. to call a ppc amiga a waste ot time and money and then call a mini mac that uses up all its resources just loading the os a pro box is laughable. sure you can play mp3s on it , and the odd low res divx, but thats as far as the machine goes, cant play games at all, and not enough resources to load any quality apps.

possibly best app i ever baught is FxPaint for my miggy, fast, simple and effective prog thats fun to use at same time.
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