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Originally Posted by Slayer
we like our freaking Amigas!
I like my freaking Amiga. It's got an 030 in it
there is the true Amiga User which has there outlook and heart in the right place and then you have these other types born of resentment or pure emulation tinkers
Out of resentment? Resentment towards WHAT? My 68K Amiga does just what I want it to and I bet my ass that I use it far more SERIOUSLY than your PPC Amiga. Why? Mine gives me money, yours probably eats it.

Out of resentment? My heart definitely lies in the right place, and that is qith my little 030 powered A1200 which I use almost everyday for work. So cut this "i'm l337 I got a PPC' garbage. Because yu actually make me want to lagh.

I certainly don't emulate, by the way.
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