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The root of this PPC thread is based on users experience and how they found its "usefulness " to their applied software requirements.

Slayer [ as I have I ] has merely stated his views and opinions on the matter , just as you Unknown K have stated yours on his last post . The point I will not argue with is RCK's ideals that this board is for " Everybody " with an Amiga based interest .

Now if it becomes the case that there appears a bias in its content towards "EMU ONLY" then it factually is no longer covering that broader interest .

That I interpret is what Slayer meant .

But to get to the point of this thread Unknown K what has been your experience of PPC useage ? after all without picking a standpoint on this issue you are not making yourself clear unless its a gripe against

quote " Amiga fanatics harping on how well their PPC plays games "

Which is a myth this thread has adequetly dealt with , unless you can provide us with a more in depth answer of course .
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