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People point out the obvious because some other people hear Amiga fanatics harping on how well their PPC plays games and they want the same setup only to find it was more hype then substance.

I frequent this board and others to learn what works for others and make purchases acordingly.

What is this "born of resentment" you are talking about Slayer? Stating a fact should never be looked down on even by the hardcore fanatics, you should speak up when people are saying something incorrect.

I don't have any problems with people emulating amiga hardware to play games, if it works for them then let them have fun. I like real hardware and have 3 Amigas myself with tons of boxed games and manuals, but that does not give me any more "heart" then somebody emulating everything. I just apreciate the hardware more then the average EMU type thats all (and have space to setup my collection).

This board is what it is because of the guy who set it up and maintains it along with the users including the noobs and experts.
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