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adequate insight you have there woodshed57

what boggles me is the amount of energy people put into keeping the Amiga in check... this is supposed to be an Amiga Board... we already KNOW the limitations and age of these machine(s) why do people constantly point out the Freaking obvious... can't they overlook the passion driven remarks of the old school... we like our freaking Amigas!

The answer I think is simple... there is the true Amiga User which has there outlook and heart in the right place and then you have these other types born of resentment or pure emulation tinkers the latter being the worst really since they never really put any money into the Amiga and grab the hard work of yesterday for nothing...

I say either fuck off or be quiet or rename this board to Emulation Always Board and I'll fuck off or be quiet...

Normally I am quiet and just shake my head and help the occassional person but hey, maybe this will help
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