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Ok Keropi for a change woody will be serious , I can see why your naffed off you spent a lot hoping to achive a killer games machine , but instead only have halfway solutions that leave you feeling cheated.

The PPC platform for Amiga has in general been poorly supported mainly because it was produced far too late and at costs beyond the reach of what was left of the amiga buying user base.

There was no massive upsurge in software production as how could the few software houses still in Amiga production at the time decide which spec were they to use as standard for a viable product that would see returns ?

Niether was it helped by the various splits in direction with Boxer , Pegasus & Fabled " super miggies " etc that were all trying to establish themselves as the next generation machine .

Instead as Bamiga2002 points out there have been been a number of tailor made PPC & 68k drivers, libaries & datatypes that the make the product useable with much of the older applications giving the user the benifit of speed [and with that extra cooling ] better images from DESKTOP based 1200 systems.

This whole big box 4000 issue is a seperate thing especialy with the high cost of special zorro based boards and their decreasing availability .There is no doubt a 4000 is more amiga than a PPC system because it has more specifically designed and tailored parts and is therefore an unfair comparison.

I am NOT targeting you Keropi as I can understand you miss your old set up and had hoped the use of newer hardware was going to lead you to as Akira said " A souped up Machine " instead you find flaws in all the areas you had hoped were going to improve .

It can be printed in 20 metre high letters that PPC will NOT GIVE YOU AN EASY TO USE BACKWARDS COMPATABLE GAMES MACHINE

But it does give serious hobby & compiler users an extended area of use for their machines.

As for one of the most serious gripes of those who have used PPC based systems about monitor switching there is a solution.
There was a small piece of hardware made by Eyetech for both the B-vision & C-Vision boards called the "Automon " which is conected to both the AGA output and the VGA and automatically switches the monitor output from one to other without having to play around with switches etc.

Finally I think Slayer hit the nail on head as there is no point in comparing a cheap modern machine to these outdated ppc expansion boards because once you reduce it to number crunching coparisons of frame rate etc the results are going to be pretty obvious.

In conclusion its back to the old creed of being able to tailor things to personal preferences [ a point that I believe set the amiga apart from other platforms] I have been suffering for over a month while my Amiga has been poorly [ see recent article about the flood ] and allthough I am sitting here writting this on a 2.7ghz p4 xp based PC I can't wait to have my PPC miggy back as my main machine as IMHO my setup allows me to do things easier and more accuratley than this so called "uptodate"
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