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Originally Posted by Calo Nord
Nice one! AmigaSYS will never came with a start menü. Because AmigaOS doesnt need that! We still use MagicMenü with the right mouse button to reach important applications and actions

Do you have the licence for the applications?
I assume this is question for me and not kriz, 'cause I don't see any startmenu on those pics...

anyway, AmigaOS needs a lot of improvements, someone could say that he doesn't need any DOpus Magellan, but in fact when I run the system without it, I feel like without hands... maybe that's a matter of habit or personal preference, but there are lot of people who love it and use it regularly... why?
With regards to licences, note that the screenshots are only previews. Few apps need to be removed for sure (like MicroGoldEd)... With regards to others, I am working on licences.
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