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Man, I Just fired up this game again on Winuae...

This game is just amazing. I am so sad to have only met this game through emulation... I always thought that Shadow Fighter was the best beat'em up on Amiga, before I got to know Fightin' Spirit, which is just 10000 times better than Shadow FIghter.

It's extremely cool how they make the game feel like a Neo-Geo title, the gameplay is very spot-on (SHame there aren't many combos, neither a "SUPER SPECIAL MOVE"), and the overall atmosphere of the game is just PERFECT.

It's so cool to see that SOMEONE finally managed to make a proper beat'em up on Amiga. even if a little too late..

From what I could tell in the intro (Amazing intro too), the game was also made by Italians? (Shadow FIghter team is all Italy based too)
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