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Originally Posted by Freakyweakywoo
Scanlines (I was reading another thread and they came up), I hate scanlines it’s like I'm wearing some kind of strange glasses that I was, forced to wear for some heinous crime I might have committed. I think if people who broke the law had to wear scanline vision glasses then crime would be eliminated over night.

Scanlines the only good thing about scan lines is it gave me a chance to resurrect this nice old thread.
I feel the exact OPPOSITE. I love scanlines. Arcade/Amiga games had scanlines THEN so why not NOW?

There are alot of good points made here but until people STOP paying, this is what we'll KEEP getting.

Todays gaming industry is completely money driven to the point that it doesn't make financial sense to innovate when you can Imitate.

Myself, I've drawn the line against EA (for MANY reasons) and Valve (Steam) and I don't feel that I'm missing out as I can play pretty much the same game at anytime...
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