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Keropi, with my setup i'm happy with Quake 2 frames-per-second (PPC-BVision, no G-Rex/Mediator..). It plays well, i just wonder how in YOUR setup you say it's slow? I thought a Voodoo 3 card should be some 2-3 times faster than BVision...i'm not sure though.

As with me, some things have been difficult after the switch from 1260/AGA to PPC/BVision, BUT after the cooling/memory issues and other patch/driver things have been taken care of, i have in my hands a very nice system. Compatibility may be an issue once in a while but i've gotten over most of them using extra tools.

I'd never go back to 1260/AGA, but if i had money, i could use it as a second machine. Altough i'd rather get me a 1230 instead 'cause of it's compatibility with WHDLoad and older software.
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