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give it a rest people... stop banging the drum :P

I use my PPC every day, infact it's running now...

it's great for watching divx5 and also compiling PPC
native and cross compiling for m68k... ffmpeg converts
things just fine, there are many other warpos tools
if you look for them etc and also learn to compile etc

when I get my A1 which should be shortly I will use
that to compile for the m68k too... I just picked up
my 5th A4000 tonight and what a beauty... I love those
redneck users who store things away perfectly and you'd
swear it came off the assembly line... 040 fastlane
and opal vision card to boot...

just remember...

the aging ppc is just like any other machine it'll do
upto whatever it was supposed to do at the time... no
machine is future proof...
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