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Originally Posted by lensman
sorry no idea what ipf far as i know theres no support for it..i have heard that jens and his team are working on an amiga driver (for the new amiga compat systems)if its related to that....main thing im waiting for now is joystick support..cant wait to use my old konix navigator in winuae
I have just recieved an e-mail back from the author of the linux joyport driver for the catweasel confirming that he has updated his driver to work with the mk4, but he is still to add support for the new features of the mk4.

So I guess we will have to make do with using e-uae under linux for joystick support until the windows driver is ready. As I already have a version of linux installed on my desktop at home (although I have not booted in to linux in months) I guess I will give it a try when my card arrives next week.
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