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Oldschool joysticks all the way. The keyboard is way irresponsive, I do not agree that it gives you more precision, at all.

I'd say using teh oldies is the best way. Try making a sneskey interface for a Sega Genesis 6 button joypad. Best thing you can do. Sidewinders are shit, and teh same goes for any other PC joypads, the only PC device of worth is the HotRod

Anyway, Tim, yikes, you have a wrist problem there

In a related matter, I tend to preffer joysticks to joypads. And the joysticks should be of the arcade type, with ball-stick. Whenever I play at teh arcades I avoid the Happ controls which have no ball at the top. At home I have the Competition Pro Star, and a Quickjoy Megastar, both with ball-sticks

The Megastar is MASSIVE, as close as you get to an Amiga arcade joystick.

Oh, I forgot. I hate click-clickey joysticks. I rather have them silent!
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