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Chaos is a prototype of a game which I believe was called Ultimate Chaos (although my memory is shot to hell, so could have this wrong) for the Spectrum. Anyway the prototype was better than the actual game.

It was a turn based strategy/spell casting/wizard/sorcery kind of game. I believe it was made by the same people who made Laser Squad, which was available for the Spectrum and the Amiga. Anyhow, on Chaos you can have up to 8 wizards, and you all have a turn to cast a spell which range from creations such as dragons and vampires, walls to build a base, castles to hide your wizard in so he is safe, lighting bolts to hit the enemy wizards or creations (providing they are in range), magic swords to make your wizards attacking strength better, some sort of movement spell so that you can move your wizard further etc. Anyway, not all spells are guaranteed to work – they are all different colours when displayed on your list (which is random and changes every game – your can only cast each spell once per game) and the lighter the colour the more likely they are to work. The two spells are split between neutral – which are just as likely to work at any time, Chaos, and Law. As you go through the game there is a gage shows whether the current environment/cosmos is leaning towards Law or Chaos. The more Law spells the players cast the more the gage swings towards Law, the more Chaos spells you cast the more it goes towards Chaos. If for example the gage swings towards Chaos in a big way then all of your Chaos spells become more likely to work. So for example a Vampire (which is a very good creation) will start off (when the gage is neutral) as a dark red colour which may only have a 20% chance of working. But as the gage swings towards Chaos the Vampire spell may become light blue which has say a 70% chance of working.

Anyhow, once all the wizards have had turn of casting their chosen spell, you all then take a turn to move your wizard and any creations that you have around the screen, attacking the enemy where possible or making a defensive wall to protect your wizard. Some creations can move further than others, some can attack from long range (such as the flying creations).

Once you have all moved your characters, you all cast a spell again and continue as before. The aim of the game is to be the last wizard standing. If your wizard is killed then the rest of your creations also die and it is game over for you.

I haven’t yet played Chaos on the Amiga but have seen a site somewhere that has lots of different versions for the Amiga with additional spells etc. I intend to download it in the next few weeks. Sorry my explanation is a bit rambling and hard to understand but the principles of the game are pretty simple once you get into it and it is a top game. You should try playing it through a Spectrum Emulator and see what you think. It really is a top game and as far as I know the only one on the Spectrum that you can have 8 players on. You can also play 1 player against up to 7 computer wizards. The graphics are rubbish but the gameplay is just tops. Give it a go.
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