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pazzas view on the grapevine revival and its death


The Bastard Ginger-haired Stepson Is Dead, Yippee!

The bastard ginger-haired stepson is dead - Now lets give the memory of Grapevine what it deserves.

I was Pazza/LSD, a friend of mine posted “This Is All A Bit Lame Isnt It?”, then told me about it. Yes, he is an ex-LSD member and his wishes to remain anonymous should be respected.

So to begin with, how can I prove I am who I claim to be? Im told Monty Python is still about and as hes not so well known on the scene (sorry Alan ) heres some info scenewise probably only Monty Python would remember – MP lodged with me (although I dont recall any rent being paid lol) he had the front bedroom, I had the back bedroom, his dog was called Mima and his girlfriend at the time was called Lisa. He then got his own place with Lisa, and Echo/LSD lodged with them (ill leave the saga here...). My “location” on Skullbuggery BBS was “I Blow Goats” (a joke I decided to keep as it amused me) and we used to rag Fish/LSD as really being the wrestler Hulk Hogan . I hope thats enough.

OK onto why im here - The original Grapevine achieved almost Legendary status in Amiga UK circles, but like all things it eventually died – here lets explore why it died? Because the world had changed, the Internet had become the WWW and disk magazines had became totally pointless, newsgroup access is available to all that want it, any clown can surf to a WWW page. So there was no longer a need for a diskmag from the days 2400 modems where still expensive and 14400 modem users where still elite.

Then a decade later some wannabees decide to resurrect Grapevine, possibly in the hope some of the original GV popularity will rub off on them. WRONG – IT DIDNT – GO AND ACHIEVE SOMETHING WITHOUT RIDING ON THE BACKS OF OTHERS! Calling yourselves a name that sounds like “LSD” and producing a disk magazine called Grapevine doesnt make you part of the scene. Why didnt ex-LSDers come forward? Why didnt ex-UK sceners come forward? Because some no-longer give a shit and because others feel they didnt want some nobodies trying to “be part of us” (I subscribe to somewhere between the two).

If you want to do something creative, then start your own group, which doesnt have the name especially created to be a corruption of another scene groups name. You want a magazine too? Then start one but dont call it Grapevine as you have no right to even hint your piece of shit has anything to do with the original Grapevine, because it doesnt. And while im at it, having members that have names like ex-LSDers it very VERY lame, theres a mention that your ECHO isnt the LSD Echo (now Spoonwizard) and surely the nick DAZZA is supposed to remind you of a Grapevine editor if you change one letter? Sad, Sad, Sad.

I recall some statement on here (or in the new GV) about Sir Garbage Truck being in touch with Shagratt and the Shagster is happy about the use of GVs name – A quick chat to Shagratt soon revealed hes never even heard of “Sir Garbage Truck, SGT, or Truck”, has never said he supports the new GV (cos he doesnt) and feels the same way about the use of the name GV as I do.

I am in touch with some ex-LSDers and I know of quite a few ex LSDers and UK sceners on irc in their own server, as we used to have also. We have deliberately kept away from the “new” GV, because we all believed if you all ignore a lamer he will go away, as will the new GV. And it has. Yippee!

And Nerve Axis wasnt an original UK Amiga group (mentioned in some forum on here earlier), they came to be around the time many original UK groups where already dying including LSD. Although they did provide a useful vessel for Maximan to empty his bag into, Mat may explain

Now respect the name LSD and Grapevine, acknowledge the fact youll never be good enough to be part of it and go forth into the world and do your own thing, like we all have.

PS. I wont be replying to anything in this forum, this is my first, last and only post. My email address isnt real so dont bother – Why? Because im just not interested in looooosers. Respect to all ORIGINAL LSDers and GVers, your names have already become part of something thats a Legend, dont let some wannabee fucks drag you down.

“Grapevine - once a legend, then hi-jacked by lamers, now it can return to the status it had and we can remember it fondly once again.”

All spelling mistakes © Pazza/LSD

PPPPS – This is NOT for publication in anything ran by ELLESSDEE, or included in anything called GRAPEVINE, as I do not wish to be associated with wankers, Ive only posted on this forum because of the wonderful news that the abomination they dare to call Grapevine is finally dead after a pathetic three (count them) issues. It may be included in the Grapevine Mailing list if you REALY want to include it, I dont read that though, ive moved on.
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