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Originally Posted by Mark_C
Hey... talking about Microcosm, does anyone remember the demo that came with CD32 gamer? (I think it was that magazine.) On some CD32's it used to freeze on a blue screen with a bizarre screaming noises. ...or was it just my CD32? ;-)
on my 1200 with zappo (archos) CDrom the demo did freeze to green and sort of go WOWWWW WOWWWW WOWWWW WOWWWWW!! I think it was because the drive was arse and didn't read the data off the disk properly at times. I was gutted because it ws pretty impossible to make it do anything else and I was enjoyong showing it off to my PeeCee loving mates (who were trying to impress me with 486's doing postage stamp size video)

Was CD32 gamer the thing that Commodore Computing International launched or was that called something else, cos I am sure it was on one of their discs?
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