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Sure sounds like an awful lot of work to do if you're going to eliminate ambiguities that the OS will have to deal with, and the "path" command was designed to solve the problem that it appears you're trying to address. It's not a case of too much "Windoze" exposure affecting that opinion either. Every OS I've encountered over the past 30+ years would have similar difficulties. Faced with an ambiguous choice, any OS must do one of two things: give up (generally with an error message), or make a choice based on some set of defineable rules. I've never heard of a set of rules for assign or any equivalent commands in other OS'es that dealt with disambiguation issues cleanly when using a logical device name as a target. If the problem you are trying to address is mainly one of being able to locate your files for execution (where they are being referenced as a source) though, the rules that path uses are simplicity itself. It still wouldn't address uses such as "copy GAMES:MyGame DF0:", but I'm not sure that the multiple assigns do so either without slowing down the process while multiple directories are searched for "MyGame".
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