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Originally Posted by Chuckles
What if you want to copy MyGame to GAMES: though? Which one of the directories that you have mapped to GAMES should it be copied to? All of them, or only a certain one?
Donno how the C:Copy command would work, but FileMaster doesn't have ANY trouble with copying from/to those assigned drawers.

Originally Posted by Chuckles
Beyond just that, what if each of the directories you equate with GAMES: contains a different version of MyGame? Isn't it going to be a bit confusing for you to figure out which version you'll actually be running?
It doesn't.
I'm copying EVERY new game into a temporary drawer on a seperate disk, then checking EVERYTHING - file version/date/etc. saves/hiscores and finally overwriting/adding the new game/file/etc.

Originally Posted by Chuckles
I know the OS isn't going to be smart enough to prevent it from being confusing.
Then you either know something i don't or you've been using too much windoze lately
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