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I'm not real crazy about the idea of assigning a logical device name to more than one physical location myself, though I can see why you'd find it convenient for the OS to be able to find GAMES:MyGame for you easily no matter which one of the directories it was in that you'd mapped to GAMES:.

What if you want to copy MyGame to GAMES: though? Which one of the directories that you have mapped to GAMES should it be copied to? All of them, or only a certain one?

Beyond just that, what if each of the directories you equate with GAMES: contains a different version of MyGame? Isn't it going to be a bit confusing for you to figure out which version you'll actually be running?

I'm with KG on this one ... it's just asking for trouble, and I know the OS isn't going to be smart enough to prevent it from being confusing. Besides, if you're trying to set up an execution path, that's what the "path" command is all about.

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