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Moreover, the Panasonic's Gamecube-ready DVD player is coming for lower price than PS2. (confirmed)
Yes, but:
* How much will the total package cost (GC & Pana DVD)?
* Sony is known for their quick reaction to market prices. My guess is that we can expect at least two price drops for the PS2 in the near future: when the GC appears and when the X-Box appears (if the X-Box won't be more expensive than the GC ofcourse )

FYI - I own a PS2 and plan to get me a DC as well when I find a second-hand one for a low price. I'm not biased against any other system (like the true gamers say "It's the games that count"), except the X-Box, for which I feel an almost natural aversion. Dunno what it is, but I just don't like it, and I never will. I guess it's that Gates guy. He's the typical wanting-to-be-cool-but-never-will-be rich kid. (Not my idea, I read this on a forum somewhere, and liked the description).
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